The article is written with the help of the site specializing in pizza oven reviews and other pizza accessories. We show you the best pizza ovens on the market, discover their advantages and specific characteristics.

The article is written with the help of the site specializing in pizza oven reviews and other pizza accessories. We show you the best pizza ovens on the market, discover their advantages and specific characteristics.

Types of pizza oven

We can divide into three broad groups the types of furnaces that are used to make pizzas, depending on who is making them, whether it is at home, professional or industrial level.

Another crucial general division is according to the type of oven. There is one type of electric pizza oven, another gas oven, and the most romantic ones like to cook their pizzas in a stone oven.

And finally, they are divided mainly by the capacity that has inside, 3, 6, 12 or 18 molds, for example.

Individual pizza oven

Technology has advanced a lot, and that is why we can now make homemade pizzas as if they were professionals.

You can find them in many formats and prices, find the one you like best, read the opinions of other customers, and buy the one that best suits your kitchen.

Amazon is always updating and selling the latest market at a high price, in addition to finding excellent deals.

Professional pizza oven

On a second level, we see a wide range of pizza ovens designed for the professional environment.

The most commonly used are of two types: electric pizza oven and gas pizza oven. Although some use coal or wood. But due to its complexity of assembly and use, it is reasonable to find these first two.

There are many more electric ovens, and this is just a sample of some models and the prices they usually have. Surely you are looking for the pizza oven that best suits you.

If you prefer to use gas ovens, we show you a couple of examples so you can see how they are and the prices they have.

Industrial pizza oven

There is a type of industrial machine that is used for companies that sell frozen pizzas or in supermarkets.

They need large ovens and specially adapted to their production lines.

Some restaurant chains where only pizzas serve also opt for this machine, they gain speed of preparation.

These ovens have the tape ideal for machines to do the whole process, including the pizza container.

Wood pizza oven

An oven to remember the first who made artisan pizzas. These ovens are the oldest, and the truth is that they print a different taste to pizzas and their complements.

This not easy to find these ovens in restaurants and pizzerias, for space needs and to control the management of the firewood, but they are the most striking ovens.

Comparative Electric Oven or Wood oven

When you are looking for which stove to buy, it is essential to know the advantages that each one has and the disadvantages, so that the purchase is the most optimal.

Apart from the space that is needed for each one, the electric can be fitted anywhere. We must also take into account the management of the firewood, which requires special precautions when cooking.

Advantages of the electric pizza oven

The benefits are:

  • Less space to place it.
  • Possibility of joining several and producing more pizzas simultaneously.
  • Very simple to use and handle.
  • Artificial interior light.
  • They can be moved.
  • Save money, coal, or firewood is the cheapest fuel.

Recommendations for its use:

The pizza must be cooked at an approximate temperature of 300ºC. At this level, the base has time to be crispy and tasty, while the mozzarella melts slowly. At this temperature, the pizza should be made in about 3 or 4 minutes.

An important detail to keep in mind is that, if the pizza is moved while it is cooked to rotate it, it is essential to leave it in the same place where it was initially. This is because that area of ​​the refractory stone has already lowered the temperature, and if it were changed in another place, the base would burn for the new temperature can.

It is convenient to buy a pizza oven that can reach at least 500ºC. If this temperature is reached, the oven cleans itself, at this temperature all the waste is removed, and in the end, it leaves the refractory stone completely white without the need for any spotless.

Advantages of the wood pizza oven

It is necessary to start from a basic premise, in wood-fired ovens the pizza maker must have a higher level of control and management than in other appliances. You need a chef with more experience, who knows how to handle firewood as fuel, who knows how heat is transmitted from the grill and how it affects the product.

The advantages are:

  • Special flavor of the pizzas.
  • Customers like this type of oven.
  • Be able to play better with cooking times.
  • Keep the heat very well overnight.

Recommendations for its use:

  • Ample place with space for the pizza maker. You have to keep in mind that you are using fire.
  • Choose the right firewood. It is essential that they do not transmit any smell that can alter the flavor of the pizza and its attachments. They should be easy to handle pieces.
  • Light the fire with paper at the base, over some thin branches, and then gradually thicker. Until the ceiling of the oven turns white, which is when you already know that it is ready to be used.
  • Before starting to put pizzas, sweep the surface of the oven in case there are any remains of the ignition.
  • A proportion of more or less than 1 k of wood per 6 cubic meters of air is estimated.
  • As with the electric oven, in this case, it must be turned while cooking, but it must be put in the same place it was so that the base does not burn.

Advantages of the gas pizza oven

Finally, we analyze this type of furnace, which is similar to that of wood in terms of controlling the heat transfer to pizza. It is essential to monitor and treat the same as in the wood oven.

Using the gas, there are two types of convection: Live convection, which is when the gas is set in motion, coming into contact with a hot oven wall and the forced convection, which is called the effect of expanding heat by fans.

There are two manufacturing models, static and tape.

The gas optimizes consumption and production, so you save money, they also heat up quickly.

The disadvantages are that they also cool faster and are more difficult to control the temperature.

Complement your kitchen

If you have already decided on the right oven, you can consider buying other appliances that are very useful to offer your customers a varied menu of meals.

One of them can be an Optigrill Tefal, an electric grill that allows you to prepare sandwiches or sandwiches quickly. It is the perfect 

complement for customers who do not want a pizza since you can cook them in a few minutes a broad menu of warm snacks.

If you think of offering only pizza, you may limit your business a lot, so it is good to have other small appliances that allow you to expand your menu.

You can if you prefer to have an iron, but it is not suitable for the fumes it produces.

These places usually have high temperatures, so it is advisable to have a good air conditioning, but if you see that it does not arrive with the one you have installed you can use an extra quiet portable air conditioner, which allows you to maintain an adequate working temperature.

If you think you need a safer appliance than a particular sandwich maker with fun drawings, it is a good option for children.

Or put a fryer without oil, which does not stain, and you get professional results.

You can also create a children’s menu for the little ones with these appliances and if you want to give a small gift as a Steampunk style gift.

Selection of the best-selling ovens and utensils on Amazon

In this last section, we show you the stoves and tools to make professional best-selling Amazon pizzas. The list is updated every day.

Do not hesitate to browse Amazon. You will always find what you need and at low prices.

Best known brands

It is not the same to look for a single oven than a professional stove, so we make two different lists.

For home ovens, the best-selling brands on Amazon are:

G3FERRARI: It is one of the best selling brands for private kitchens. It has very definite opinions from buyers. It is more expensive than the market average but offers excellent performance.

Peppo from Springlane Kitchen: Also one of the most sold but according to the opinions of its users is below the Ferrari.

Fagor Mg 300: Cheaper than the previous ones but of lower quality. It can be a good investment according to its value for money, but if you are an excellent pizza lover, it may not meet your expectations.

Tristar: It is one of the cheapest, so its sales success, but it is minimal and somewhat smaller than the previous ones.

Macom: It looks delicious pizzas and is among the best in the market. Its price is above average.

For professional use, the best-selling ovens on Amazon are:

Kemper: A gas pizza oven that is between professional and amateur.

Bartscher: Electric ovens at a great price with high performance. It is a recognized brand that manufactures many types of professional appliances. They have many different models for the unique needs of each business.

Macron: A professional brand with an extensive catalog of products for the kitchen of a restaurant or bar. Quality products at a high price.

Control your pizzeria while you’re not with a digital peephole

We offer you an option that you can put at the door of your business to know who goes when you have it closed, so you can serve customers who come to your place or restaurant even if it is closed.

It is best to install an excellent digital wifi peephole at the entrance door.

These digital peepholes are an excellent invention for those hours when you have your bar closed. People can call the digital peephole wifi, it connects with your mobile, and you can attend from the smartphone to the customers you have at the door.

It is the best way not to lose customers those days that you have the business closed.

They are not very expensive, the peepholes are from 40 euros, but those that have wifi and connect to the mobile are worth about € 150.

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