During or at the end of a meal, when you want a light and fresh dessert, nothing is better than a sorbet, made with fruit or aromatic plants.

It is not an ice cream, it is not a granita and there is not only the lemon ice cream that usually precedes a sumptuous frying of fish.

Sorbet is a delicious Arabic dessert that is usually served at the end of a hearty meal or between courses to “clean” the mouth.

It is refreshing, light and can be prepared with many types of fruit and also with herbs.

The most famous of the sorbets is undoubtedly the lemon sorbet. There are those who can correct it with a liqueur, those who enrich it with egg whites whipped to stiff peaks, cream or ice cream and those who love it in purity, that is simply lemon juice and sugar frozen and smoothies.

Do-it-yourself sorbets

The sorbet can be prepared at home with a few ingredients and following a very easy process. As for the equipment, you can not do without a casserole, a juicer, a very powerful blender and a container for frozen food with hermetic closure.

For a start, we propose the recipe for the classic lemon sorbet. You can also vary it using other citrus fruits such as orange and grapefruit.

The recipe for lemon sorbet (without an ice cream maker)

You need 500 ml of water, 180 ml of lemon juice and 200 grams of sugar. Prepare a syrup by dissolving the sugar in water over very low heat. Only when the mixture has cooled down, add the lemon juice and grated rind. Pour the mixture into the ice containers and let it consolidate in the freezer for 12 hours. Remove the cubes of water, sugar and lemon from the mould and blend them at maximum speed. Alternatively, if you have time and patience, you can put the syrup with the juice in the freezer and mix the mixture every 30 minutes for about 5-6 hours until it becomes creamy.

Unusual ingredients

If you like the idea of serving a sorbet after dinner, here are some suggestions for preparing it with summer ingredients, even a bit ‘unusual.

The secret is always to use the same amount of fruit or vegetable juice and sugar and prepare a syrup.

To obtain the juice, blend the ingredients and filter everything to take only the liquid part.

Which one do you like best? Browse through the tutorial!

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