Preparing flavored oil at home is easy: choose the aromatic herbs you prefer and make this already good seasoning even more special.

Hands up who has never tried chili oil. Even if extra virgin olive oil is already good on its own, flavoring, it can be useful to add flavor to our recipes in a simple and practical way. So just a little olive oil to surprise those who savor the dish making it taste an aroma that is not seen, but that is there.

To do this at home you need to heat the oil and leave it to infuse with your favorite herbs , from basil to rosemary, from mint to citrus fruits. We can create one with a delicate flavor or a more decisive oil , depending on how we want to use it, whether on fish, meat or vegetables. Here are three ideas for each table situation.

Ideal for seasoning meat, fish and vegetables, from today the flavoured oil will have no more secrets!

Flavoured oil is the essence that will give your dishes a unique aroma and taste with an extra edge! No recipe will be the same after adding a good homemade flavoured oil made with fresh and fragrant ingredients.

The flavoured oil is perfect for adding a tasty note to your bruschetta, for flavouring the pasta with originality, for giving the pizza a unique flavour and above all for enhancing the smoky notes of a good grilled meat!

To make the flavoured oil, you can proceed with two techniques, both effective:

WARMING: put the extra virgin olive oil and the selected flavours in a saucepan, bring to a temperature of 40°C (no more!) and pour the flavoured oil into hermetically sealed glass bottles. Let the oil rest for a few days before using it.

COLD: Pour the oil into the bottle or jar of your choice and add the aromas and spices. Let the oil rest for a couple of weeks before consuming it.

Make sure you choose the right oil by following these simple tips:

– The oil should be high quality extra virgin olive oil;

– To make sure that the oil aromatizes quickly and intensely, it is preferable to choose it with a light flavour. To proceed with the aromatization, choose oils without too much body, oils from the north are better suited to this type of preparation, while oils from the south usually have more intense flavors and less suitable for aromatization.

It is always better to flavor the oil with a single ingredient to avoid that the aromas mix and return an effect too “strong”. So choose aromatic herbs and spices at will, have fun creating your own flavoured oil to flavour your dishes and, why not, also to give to your friends!

Here are 13 recipes to make the perfect flavoured oil for every recipe!

Peppermint oil

Heat 250 g of oil up to 75-80 ° C, turn off and infuse 12-15 peppermint leaves. When the oil has cooled, strain it by gently pressing the mint. For vegetable-based dishes.

Spicy oil

Proceed as above, putting the needles of a sprig of rosemary, a fresh chilli pepper, a small sliced ​​shallot and 2 bay leaves in the warmed oil. If you love a more intense spicy, cut the chilli into small pieces. Suitable

for grilled meat.

Salad oil

Proceed as above, infusing 6-8 basil leaves, 1 clove of fresh garlic, 2 untreated lemon peel in the warmed oil.

Rosemary flavoured oil

For each half litre of oil, add 3 sprigs of fresh rosemary, well washed and dried. Leave to rest for a few days before use. This flavored oil is ideal for adding flavour to grilled meats.

Fennel-flavoured oil

For each half litre of oil, add 2 sprigs of fresh wild fennel, well washed and dried. Leave to rest for a week before use. Ideal for fish and shellfish dishes.

Lemon flavoured oil

Choose untreated lemons and peel the peel with the potato peeler. Make sure to use only the yellow part, the white part would give a bitter taste to your oil. Put the rind of 1 lemon in 1 litre of oil and let it rest for a week before use. This oil is perfect for seasoning pasta and grilled fish recipes.

Ginger flavoured oil

For each half liter of oil, put a couple of slices of ginger (cut them with the potato peeler). Leave to infuse for a week and then season raw fish dishes and meat tartare. Perfect with chicken-based main courses.

Thyme flavoured oil

Put 3 sprigs of thyme in half a litre of oil, then let it rest for 2 weeks. This oil is perfect for adding flavour to chicken, rabbit and baked fish dishes.

Garlic flavoured oil

Peel 3 cloves of garlic, crush them lightly with the pressure of your hands and add them to half a liter of oil. Leave to infuse for a week before seasoning pasta, pizza, steamed fish and grilled meat.

Vanilla flavoured oil

Cut the vanilla pod in half for the long side. Using the tip of the knife, pick up the seeds and pour them into 1 litre of oil together with the empty berry. Leave to infuse for 4 days before use and season delicate fish and rabbit meat.

Sage flavoured oil

For each half litre of oil, put 3 sage leaves in infusion. Let it rest for a few days and then season meat and pasta dishes.

Basil flavoured oil

Wash the fresh basil, dry it well and put about ten leaves in half a litre of oil. Let it rest for a few days and then use the flavoured oil to dress first courses and salads!

Chilli flavoured oil

Choose the chili pepper according to the degree of spiciness that you prefer. Cut the chili peppers into slices and put them into an infusion in 1 litre of oil. Leave to infuse for a few days and then season pizza, pasta and vegetables!

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