You can freeze everything in a household freezer: herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits. To then bake them in the nesco roaste oven.

You can freeze everything in a household freezer: herbs, vegetables, berries and fruits. To then bake them in the nesco roaste oven.

You just need to be aware of some peculiarities.

Greens of parsley, spinach, celery, dill, you can freeze in chopped form in small bags or small containers. Even better is to put the greens in ice molds, pour boiling cold water and freeze in this form. Then take the molds out of the refrigerator, defrost them a little, so that the blanks can freely come out of the mold. After that, the ready cubes with greens are put into a plastic bag and kept in the freezer in that form. They are used for cooking borsches and soups, just throw the cube a few minutes before cooking.

Vegetables are frozen raw or blanched. Sweet peppers should be washed and remove the seeds, cut into slices and put in a container or bag. Such peppers are used in salads, soups, for vegetable stew. And if you want to use peppers for stuffing, you do not need to cut them before freezing. Simply peel the pods and stack them as a whole, one to one, in a pyramid shape, put them in a bag and send them to the freezer.

Tomatoes are frozen whole if they are small and tight. Larger ones are cut into slices and put in a container. Use for salads, soups, and stews.

You can also freeze carrots. It is cut into julienne or grate with large holes, put in a container, you can add to the carrots and parsley greens with dill.

Pumpkin is cleaned and diced, blanched and put in the freezer. Without defrosting the pumpkin is added to the porridge.

String beans and cauliflower are blanched in boiling water, cooled and placed in bags. Use thawed vegetables for cooking, for soups or frying in batter.

Fruits are frozen in whole if the freezer allows, or in slices. Plums, which do not separate the bone freeze whole. Apricots are divided into slices and frozen in bags. Apples are cut into slices, cleaned of peel and seeds (remove the seed nests, too) and put in plastic bags.

Berries can be harvested with sugar or sugar syrup or pure. Black and red currants, cranberries, gooseberries, buckthorn put in molds, pour syrup or sugar and freeze. After this, thaw the molds in hot water for a couple of seconds, briquettes with berries shifted into bags and put in freezers. And the berries of raspberries or blackberries, strawberries and strawberries are frozen whole or mashed with sugar. With cherries before freezing, be sure to remove the pit.

Remember to defrost in bags and quickly, in cold water or even with ice. Otherwise you stimulate the loss of vitamins.

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