If you have a garden or a large terrace, there is nothing better than a nice barbecue to organize barbecues in company. Are you afraid that it will be difficult to use or that it will make too much smoke? All you have to do is choose a gas model. Gas barbecues, in fact, are used like a common gas stove top, do not produce fumes that could annoy the neighbors, are easy to clean and can be moved without too much difficulty from one place to another, because they do not need electricity to work. Another advantage of gas barbecues is the economic saving: although a good product costs no less than 100 euros, consumption is minimal and gas costs much less than electricity. For this purposes you can watch for some best camping grill stove.

There are many types of gas barbecues on the market, which differ in size, accessories and functions. Obviously, the price varies according to all these factors. Some models run on LPG or Butane and therefore need a cylinder, to be replaced once exhausted. The advantage of cylinder barbecues is that you can put them anywhere and you can also take them camping. Other barbecues run on methane, they do not have a cylinder, but must be connected to the domestic gas system. The advantages in this case are economic savings (methane gas costs less than LPG) and convenience (you don’t have to replace the cylinder periodically). Unfortunately, barbecues of this type are not transportable, because they always need a gas system to be connected to.

In short, in order to choose the most suitable model for your needs you have to evaluate several factors. To help you choose the best barbecue for your barbecues, we have drawn up a ranking of the best gas barbecues in 2020 and a guide to purchase, with practical tips to make the right choice.

How to choose a gas barbecue

We have seen what are the best gas barbecues currently on the market, now let’s look at how to choose the one that best suits your needs. The elements to take into consideration are numerous, the first is the structure of the barbecue, which can be small, medium or large, transportable or fixed.

Fundamental is then the hob, on which the performance of the barbecue depends, and which can have two or more burners, of different powers. Do not forget to also evaluate the type of gas used, which can be Butane, LPG or Methane. You should also know that some barbecues have many functions and accessories, which improve their performance and can be decisive in the choice.

Obviously, make sure that the barbecue is practical and easy to use, that it is made with quality materials and has a good value for money. To be on the safe side, choose a well known and specialised brand. We see everything in detail.

Structure and dimensions

The first element to evaluate is the structure of the barbecue, which must be chosen according to the use you intend to make of it, where you want to place it and the number of people you have to cook for. We have two main types of gas barbecues:

  1. Transportable, equipped with a trolley with wheels that makes it easy to move around. They work with a gas cylinder and can therefore be easily moved from one point to another in the garden or terrace, according to the needs of the moment.
  2. Built-in, i.e. to be mounted in a stable way in a point of the garden, like a real kitchen, but outdoors. They are connected to the domestic gas network, with considerable savings.

It is also important to take the dimensions into account. Depending on the size, we distinguish between four types of barbecue:

  1. Large, with a very bulky structure, a large hob with several additional burners and stoves, side shelves and storage containers for storing tools. Due to their size, they are not transportable, but if they work with a cylinder and have sturdy wheels, they can be moved around the garden as required.
  2. Medium, the most common on the market, equipped with a trolley with wheels on which the hob rests, which usually has 2-3 burners. They are suitable for cooking for 3-5 people. Also these models are not transportable, but if they have wheels and cylinder they can be moved.
  3. Small, suitable for small families, or for those who have little space to place the barbecue (for example a small courtyard or a balcony). Usually they have a trolley with a couple of wheels and a small hob with two burners;
    portable, the smallest and easiest to handle, designed for outdoor barbecues and camping holidays. Usually they don’t have a trolley, but a structure to rest on a top, like an outdoor table.

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